The Milford Hospital postcard at the top was mailed from Milford to Warren, Maine in 1916. The
    writer said, "Came out here yesterday afternoon. We went to the Armory last night to see
    William drill. Be sure to write. 39 So. Bow St. Milford, Mass."

    The second card was mailed from Franklin to Waldoboro, Maine, in 1922. After a bit about the
    weather, the writer says, "No work done around here yet. Am going to the Woman's Political
    meeting to-night."

    The third card was sent to Warren, Maine in 1913. The writer was  Gracie. It was mailed from
    Mendon, and Gracie  mentions that "This is the hospital where I was." And we get more details.
    "Well Gertrude, I have been layed up for over a week with a sore foot could not step my foot to
    the floor.The Dr. said it was hardening of the tissues in my foot."

    In the fourth card, we find out a bit more about Gracie. That one was sent from Milford to Mrs.
    Grace Hanley in Warren, Maine. Unfortunately, I don't know if that was before or after the
    previous card was sent, because I can't make out the date. In this one, Gertrude thanks Aunt
    Grace for the nice presents and hopes she got the picture.

    The last card, from a different source, probably (don't know...I've had these around for quite a
    few years) was mailed in Milford by Ada in 1911. It went to Mrs. Wm. Trask in Webster. It was
    raining and Ada hardly knew what to do with herself. She said she'd be awfully pleased to hear
    from Mrs. Trask.

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