Architecture in Hopedale

               Hopedale Village Historic District National Register Nomination

    In 2001, preservation consultant Kathleen Kelly Broomer was hired by the Hopedale Historical
    Commission to do research on Hopedale homes and other buildings so that a historic district
    recognized by the National Park Service could be established. The document that she wrote is titled
    the National Register Nomination. Below you'll see links to pages that include information from it.

    You'll notice that each house that is listed in the text is followed by MHC # and a number. That refers to
    the number the house was given in the records of the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Many
    also say Photo, followed by a number. I presume the photos are with the Hopedale Village Historic
    District material at the MHC.

    Early Hopedale Houses   

    There's more to come. I'll add it as I get a chance.

      Vandalizing our Shared Heritage (Preservation and the Community Preservation Act.)



Hopedale Village Historic District