The photos of the culvert for the Charles River at Howard
    Street were taken in November 1953. Thanks to Charlie
    Gaffney for them. The one with the Milford News caption
    taken by Nick Tosches.

    The upstream end of the culvert as seen from
    the railroad track, taken in March 2013.

The Charles River near Howard Street.

    Ye Olde Farm, according to the sign - on
    Howard Street, near the river. The river is
    under the road in the foreground.

                      Howard Street and the Charles River  

    In the Google Earth  views, (thanks, DJ) the line between Hopedale and
    Milford is the white line that runs more or less from the top middle to the
    lower right. The Milford wastewater plant is in the upper left of  the upper
    one  and the middle of the lower one.

    The town line follows the river, roughly, but not exactly. I presume that's
    because the river has meandered a bit since the town line was drawn.
    Actually, if the Google Earth town line is correct, the river has meandered
    noticeably since 1953, since the caption under the Milford News photo
    says the river was located in both Milford and Hopedale.

    In the lower Google view, the white line coming down from the top, about
    a quarter of the way over from the right side, is Howard Street, Milford.
    The other end of it, not seen here, is at Route 140 near the
    Hopedale/Milford town line sign.

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    In this late-19th century map, you can see Mellen Street crossing
    South Main just a little to the right of the L in Hopedale. Howard
    Street branches off to the left a llittle above the L.