Correction: I've never seen a name for the island near Lake
    Street. Fisherman's Island is the one further upstream - the one
    with the stone shelter/fireplace on it. The name can be seen on
    a 1913 map of the Parklands. Click here to see the map.

        Now and Then - Lake Street, Progress Street, Soward Street, Seven Sisters

    Early pictures obtained from the Bancroft Library files. Recent pictures taken in March 2012. The
    Seven Sisters on Freedom Street weren't part of the Lake Point development, but I'm including them
    here because of their location.

    Here's something sent by Art Holmes after seeing this page. "Oh, incidentally, the pictures you had of
    the homes around Lake Street on Soward Street, the 'seven sisters,'and on Progress Street brought
    back fond memories of "our" neighborhood. The "double" shown on page 154 in "The Model
    Company Town by John S Garner," at the intersection of Progress Street and Freedom Street is a
    picture of the home we grew up in. Our 1/2 faced Progress Street and the Soderbergs faced Freedom
    Street." Click here for more Hopedale memories from Art.

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    No, the Hopedale Storage Company garages weren't built in the 1970s. They were a Draper project built
    before the company houses were sold in the 1950s.

    I looked through the scrapbook at the
    Bancroft Library where these articles
    came from up into 2003, but didn't
    find anything more on the matter. DM