C.F. Roper & Co., Northrop Street

    The Roper Company operated a brass foundry owned by Charles Roper, who had begun his years in
    Hopedale as an inventor with the Draper research department. The building was located on Northrop
    Street, adjacent to the town park. The company made and sold boat propellers, boat speedometers
    and a number of other devices. Eventually it became the Hopedale Manufacturing Company, which
    later built a larger plant in Milford.

    When I was a kid going to the Park Street School in the late 1940s, I used to pass by where the shop
    had been and wondered what had been there. By that time the shop was gone and all that remained
    was a concrete slab. Eventually the lot was purchased by Nick and Adelia (Dell, I think she was called)
    Narducci, who built the home shown in the photo at the bottom.

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Cover ad - Milford-Hopedale directory - 1912