The Hopedale Town Hall

    In addition to town meetings, the town hall served for many other uses. High school
    basketball was played there until the Draper Gym opened. High school plays, usually
    to raise money for the annual Washington trip, plays performed by various other
    groups, musical performances, and minstrel shows were held there. On the first floor,
    there was a dentist office, a barber shop, the post office, and as there still is, a
    restaurant. For many years the police station was in the basement on the Depot
    Street side. I hope in time a few photos may turn up showing some of these activities.

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    This is one of hundreds of articles that appeared in
    the Milford newspapers over the years for various
    functions held at the town hall.

    Clipping from the Milford Journal. The Hopedale Library was in
    the town hall until the opening of the Bancroft Library in 1899.