The picture above and the one below are from an album of old Hopedale
    photos at the Bancroft Library. The one above, with the Dutcher Street
    entrance in the foreground, looks toward Freedom Street. The one below
    shows the entrance at the corner of Dutcher and Freedom streets.

    The two pictures above were taken by Edwin Darling. You can see his house in the picture at
    the top of the page. He lived in the second one from the left. (54 Freedom Street) Nearly all of
    his pictures of the park were taken from inside or from the back of the house. Click here to
    see more of Darling's pictures of the park. The photo above shows the platform that served
    as a bandstand for the first few years. It was replaced in 1906 with the one shown below.

    This picture shows the start of the boys' 220 yard
    race in the 1929 field day. Click here for more.

Now and Then - The Hopedale Town Park

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