Middle Post Road

    The stone marker shown above is on a section of Middle Post Road across from
    the Clough Elementary School on North Avenue,.on property owned by William Auty.

    There is also a section of the Post Road essentially intact near Westcott Road and
    Eight Rod Road.

    Post Road crossed 16 Washington Street near the Murphy residence. It led to Lake
    Nipmuc, and then on to Hartford and eventually reached New York.

    Sketch map sent by DJ Malloy. He also sent the photos of mile markers on the post
    road below. He said of them, "The mile post in Allston is on the sidewalk, the one in
    Harvard Square is in a cemetery, next to artist Washington Allston's grave."

    Thanks to Dick Grady for sending the Worcester Telegram article below.

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This marker is in Gen. Draper Park in Milford.

    Click here to see a large number of photos
    of the markers on the Telegram site.
June 18, 2018