Demolition of Hopedale Buildings in 2016, 2017 and 2018

    The houses at 114-116 Mendon Street, 124 Mendon Street and Billy Draper's Store were
    razed in 2016. The other houses, the South Hopedale School, and Cumberland Farms
    were taken down in 2017, except for 138 Hopedale Street, which came down on January
    25, 2018. The stone crusher at Rosenfeld's was taken down in 2018. Thanks to Paul
    Butcher and the Facebook Friends of Rosenfeld Concrete page for the Rosenfeld's photos.

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South Hopedale School
Rosenfeld Sand & Gravel
This article is about the house
at 138 Hopedale Street
138 Hopedale Street
December 14, 2016

    Also lost in 2018 was this house at 145-147 Hopedale
    Street. It burned on February 3. Photo taken in August.