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    From Facebook, July 2017.

    Susan Caressimo In the early 1950's, my parents, Margaret and Moody Derderian, had a little pick up
    shop, Economy Cleansers, on that spot of land in front of the Sneiderman home, prior to opening the
    cleansers on the corner of Prospect and Freedom which they operated into the late 80's.The Sneidermans
    were such nice people, Mrs. Sneiderman made delicious cookies for this 5 year old! Mr. Sneiderman was
    a very devout man, walking to temple on Friday evenings and even in the most inclement weather, when
    my dad would see him walking past the cleansers and offer to drive him, he would politely refuse and
    continue walking in accordance with his religion. Also knew the McGrath family well.