Jim Stock

 1962 - Hopedale High School Tri-County Baseball Champs (12 - 2)     

Thanks to Dick Grady for sending this Milford Sunday News article.

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Front row - Roger Hebert, Don Lutz, Dave Heron, Phil Travers, Dave Calarese, Jake Grady, George Phillips, Harry Gaskill

Second row - Steve Swanson, Jim Stock, Frank Cheski, John Grant (?),  Phil Workman, Joe Fransesconi, Jim Wood

Managers - Back row, left - Stephen Cox                     Back row, right - Al Shimkus

    Thanks to Dick Grady, Bernie Stock and Jim Stock
    for the article, the photos and the names on this
    page. The 1962 team photo was sent by Jim. The
    others are from the Hopedale High yearbook for
    1963, copied at the Bancroft Library.