On Sundays in the winter, we’d go to church and then we’d go to somebody’s
    house for a toddy. Sometimes our house, sometimes Willard Taft’s house,
    sometimes Jean and Woody Bigg’s house. We’d go up into the attic and look
    for old clothes that we’d put on. We'd dress up just as foolish as we could. We
    had great fun. Then we’d go to the ski hill. One time somebody from the Daily
    News came over and took our picture. That’s Willard on the left. That’s me in
    the top hat and tails. My niece, Jannie, is next to me. The next one is one of
    the Nelson girls from Bancroft Park. They lived next to Jean and Woody. Then
    there's Woody in some kind of robe, or maybe pajamas. That’s Jean on the
    right. She had a red bonnet that was in my house. The photographer said,
    “Line up,” so we did. We’d go up and down the hill with these outfits on. Of
    course we had a little “fuel.” Not much, just a little. Marge Horton, 2012.

The Ski Hill

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    Looking toward what's left of the ski hill in 2015. Hard to believe
    it's the same place as you see in the pictures above.

    Google Earth view. The top of the ski hill was roughly at the
    bottom center of this picture. It sloped toward the parking
    lot that can be seen from the center to the upper right.

    The three photos above are from the
    Bancroft Library. Date unknown.